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What happened to you? It’s been so long, I hardly know where to start. Where do I start? And how did I get from there to here? Let’s start simply. I graduated from law school in 2011. Passed the bar exam on my second try, in 2012. I was awarded a graduate fellowship, which enabled… Bakerina 05/26/15 5 05/26/15
Even More Complicated Mourning, or My Adrienne Rich Problem Dear Patient Friends: Yes, this is short, long overdue, has nothing to do with baking, and is politically charged, to boot. I’m starting, slowly but surely, to flex my writing muscles while I continue to freelance and wait for my bar results. This essay is cross-posted to Facebook, where I meant… Bakerina 04/04/12 2 04/05/12
What’s shakin’ on the hill When you see the word “heartbreak”—and you will see it a lot here—do not worry. This is not about Lloyd. Lloyd is, as he was and ever shall be, still awesome. Here is what happens when you take the California bar exam. Let’s assume that you graduate from law school in… Bakerina 11/23/11 3 11/30/11
PTMYB Resurrection: Like Alien Resurrection, only without the Alien thingy. After you have picked yourself up from the floor in shock, you might have noticed a few changes around here: 1. You are no longer being greeted by the still-store of my cheesy Eyes-n-Teeth expression on the last post. No matter how thankful you are for this, you are not nearly… Bakerina 09/29/11 11 10/12/11
This is only a test. I know, I know, dear friends.  This is a total tease.  We all have better things to do with our time than listen to me go on for 30 seconds about how I don’t know how to compress video files.  But if I can figure this out, things will get a… Bakerina 08/22/09 0 10/09/09
Ma vie en yaourt I have spoken at length—some would say whined at length—about how I dropped the ball on all of my foodish habits after I started law school.  Baking fell by the wayside, weekly trips to the farmer’s market always included buying bread so that Lloyd could have toast and sandwiches throughout the… Bakerina 08/11/09 1 08/30/09
While I was gone Here’s what I missed.  I missed our wedding anniversary—an anniversary with a 5, no less.  There was a time when an anniversary ending in 5 or 0 would have brought forth long, loopy, overwritten declarations of love from me.  This would have been a good year for them, too.  When a… Bakerina 08/06/09 1 08/26/09
In which I rise from the depths, crocodile-like, to share In a better time and place—specifically, in a time when I’m not trying to slog through 30 pages of dense reading about affirmative and negative covenants—I would apologize properly for disappearing for two months, only to return with an interstitial.  No pictures, no recipes, no long-winded documentaries about the garden we’re… Bakerina 03/31/09 0 07/29/09
25 Things:  The lazy blogger’s best friend Let the disclaiming begin.  Dear friends, I had plans for some Cookbook Love essay or other, maybe accompanied by some arty-fantastico food photography.  This will be coming soon enough.  In the meantime, I found myself awake at a ridiculous hour of the morning today.  Since there’s nothing more depressing than studying… Bakerina 01/24/09 0 12/11/09
The curse of leisure, the solace of cookbooks You really could write encyclopedias, fell whole forests and smoke bandwidth trying to do justice to the loveliness of the place where we live now.  I am East-Coast-born-and-raised; I miss Philadelphia and New England like nobody’s business; and I am resigned to the fact that if I want the kind of… Bakerina 01/08/09 0 10/30/10
Attention must be paid Dear friends, To borrow a phrase from my Art Hero, Rene Magritte, Ceçi n’est pas une blog post.  I am less than 30 hours away from my last exam, and it’s a lulu, featuring an hour-long essay and 53 multiple-choice questions on a staggeringly complex body of law—and unlike our other… Bakerina 12/10/08 0 10/12/10
It won’t be long, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Heaven help me for showing up for the first time in over a month, with the only new content being a “no new content” advisory.  Heaven help me further for uttering not a peep on this space about the presidential election.  In any other year, such a post would have been… Bakerina 11/21/08 0 12/10/08
Generalissima Bakerina is not dead Oh, fercryin’outloud, ‘mouse...that is to say, hello, dear friends.  It’s true.  I am not dead.  I even have proof—blurry, ill-shot proof, mind, but proof nonetheless: That is in fact myself, at my new teeny desk—I have a desk!—in our sunny kitchen, which I’ve found to be the best place in the… Bakerina 10/18/08 0 10/18/10
No need to call the doctor ‘cause I’m not yet dead! When your friends call and write and ask, sweetly, if all is well, that’s a sign that you’ve been gone too long.  When the people who have been where you’ve been, and know what sort of enormous change has been wrought upon your life, write and ask, sweetly, if you plan… Bakerina 08/27/08 0 10/25/10
Notes from Week One, in which we kvell, kvetch and generally make lists To quote both one of my favorite novels and one of my favorite movies:  Well.  Here I am again.  (Mind you, the context in which I say this is considerably less dramatic.) The past week has been both so action-packed, and yet so quiet, that it’s hard for me to believe… Bakerina 08/10/08 0 10/27/10
It’s a brand new day, hey. There’s so much to say, dear friends, and I’m the first to admit that I’ve fallen down on the job at saying it.  I have yet to write a proper “farewell, New York” post.  I have not yet begun to enumerate just what it takes to leave the place you’ve called… Bakerina 08/06/08 0 07/27/10
It’s really happening, kids. Oh, dear friends.  There will be a time for abstract thought, for careful consideration of the world around me, for discussions of the books I’m reading and the movies we’re seeing and for nifty recipes.  Now is not that time, though.  Barring weather silliness, in exactly two weeks from this moment,… Bakerina 07/21/08 0 08/07/08
On vanishing In the end, the NYPL host quoted Milan Kundera as saying, “A European is someone who longs for Europe.” To which I will add the implied: A New Yorker is someone who longs for New York. “Nostalgia” is made of two Greek words: Nostos, to return home, and algos, which means… Bakerina 07/11/08 0 10/13/10
The cake for what ails you It’s not exactly the way I wanted to break a month of blogfasting, dear friends, but I keep headbutting against false starts, incomplete sentences and general pretension.  I’ve been doing this for the better part of a day, even though there are tales to tell, tales ranging from our preparations for… Bakerina 07/02/08 1 09/25/10
Let it be good, do what you should, you know it’ll work all right. From the sublime to the ridiculous; from a consideration of the wider world around us to a reconsideration of my own navel; from “Here’s Why You Should Go See Heavy Metal in Baghdad” to “Good Lord, I Hate This Apartment, Especially Now That We Have to Sort Through All This Shit… Bakerina 06/06/08 0 06/23/08
Heavy Metal in Baghdad:  Why We Fight? (Note:  Yes, I am that cheesy and unsubtle.  The title of this post is indeed a reference to the Frank Capra-directed World War II propaganda film series, Why We Fight.  The movies in this series are in the public domain, viewable on the internet, and well worth watching.) It was pure… Bakerina 05/28/08 1 06/02/08
“Oh, the world we live in.”—Pam the Beancounter It has been a long time since I’ve had a really good—or, depending on your point of view, really bad—foodish rant around here. It’s certainly not for lack of cause.  It’s not as if, once the thousand-dollar frittata and the P.B. Slice surrendered their fifteen minutes of fame, there were no… Bakerina 05/18/08 0 05/27/08
Hey, you kids, get off my lawn! Dear friends, I’m working on two separate posts.  This post is neither of them.  This is a housecleaning post, the kind of post I hate to post, the kind where you’re having a good time, mingling with your guests, listening to party jokes and eating excellent hors d’oeuvres, only to notice… Bakerina 05/08/08 1 05/11/08
Sugar and salt and all things nice: Returning to earth, with cookies There is no way I can do justice to the past week without resorting to hyperbole, or, conversely, understating the case.  The response from friends, family and well-wishers to our news has been illuminating, and, for the most part, deeply gratifying.  It might sound disingenuous, particularly coming from someone who checks… Bakerina 05/01/08 0 05/15/08
Ringing the bell on the geographic smackdown:  Here we come Note:  Dearest friends, the following post comes on the heels of a tremendous amount of deep thought and emotional blood/sweat/tears.  Since I announced that this year would be the year for law school, and that I’d have to make some tough decisions about what to do and where to go, I… Bakerina 04/23/08 0 05/07/08
Well…? (Thanks to Snow for the title.) Dear friends, I am working on the Complete and Utter Tale of Bakerina’s Really Big Adventure Out West, but it’s going to take me a while.  Hopefully I’ll get it finished before I fly home tomorrow night, but in the event that it has to… Bakerina 04/20/08 0 09/20/10
A milk-and-honey-fed interstitial Dear friends, there is more and better text to come, and once I return home, there will even be pictures to go with it (curse this desire to travel light and to leave the laptop with the photoediting software at home!).  I’m just sending up a flare here to confirm that… Bakerina 04/18/08 0 07/22/10
Updates, oh we get updates:  An interstitial I don’t know if it was my lunatic one-day train trip to Boston (leave at 3 a.m., return at 7 p.m., do a staggering amount of walking in the meantime), or if it’s my upcoming trip to Santa Clara (fly to San Jose on Thursday night, return on the red-eye on… Bakerina 04/15/08 0 04/17/08
Kicking the Teeth Out of What Ails You, or Dinner at Panorama Those of you who have been visiting this silly yellow page for the past few years know that I get a little touchy on subjects like gentrification and the explosion of luxury housing construction in New York City.  I have been accused of romanticizing the past, of vilifying the people and… Bakerina 04/12/08 0 04/15/08
Unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed:  An interstitial Well, okay, I did at least bother to wash.  I just can’t resist a nice David Bowie reference.  The dazed bit is accurate, though. Dear friends, it is not only Deep Thoughts of the Future keeping me away from this space.  There is still plenty of that, of course, but there… Bakerina 04/02/08 0 02/04/10
Sunday afternoon cake love:  Hello, cupcake Before I share the recipe for this little cupcake here—because I know I’ll be poked with pointy sticks if I attempt to post a picture and then skedaddle without including a recipe—I do want to thank everyone who either commented here, sent email or called in response to the “Bay Area… Bakerina 03/27/08 0 04/01/08
Deconstructing the geographic smackdown, or How I spent the past nine days (Originally published on Scrineblog.  Reprinted by kind permission of Keith, the architect of the PTMYB template and all-around swell guy.) In the great “Bay Area v. Boston” geographic smackdown, I do not intend to fight fair.—‘mouse So noted, sir… 1.  Tuition, room/board, expenses. Bay Area and Beantown charge approximately the same… Bakerina 03/24/08 0 10/28/10
What a difference a year makes. It was about this time last year that I was a woman of few words.  Once again I am a woman of few words, albeit for much different, much better reasons. I had thought that the adventure started once I finished my applications and sent off my fees.  That only goes… Bakerina 03/15/08 0 04/05/08
What is to be done?:  Another take on bread love On Friday it was a loaf of bread—or, rather, eight loaves of bread—and an opportunity to spend the day doing something I loved.  Today it is a moral dilemma, and possibly an exercise in decadence.  Of course, it was a moral dilemma, and possibly an exercise in decadence, long before this… Bakerina 03/12/08 1 03/10/10
Sunday afternoon cake love, part two, or You can’t keep a good gâteau down Good morning.  Happy Friday. Lest you think I have finally lost all sense of time now that I don’t sit in a cubicle anymore, I promise that I know it’s Friday morning, and not Sunday afternoon.  I’d like to say there’s some bright and clever story behind the Sunday afternoon cake… Bakerina 03/06/08 0 03/10/08
Sunday afternoon cake love, part one Before anyone becomes too excited, or feels inclined to pat me on the back for baking this cake (or any of the cakes that will follow in this series) on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I feel bound to point out that I’m not actually baking this cake right now.  This is… Bakerina 03/02/08 0 06/18/10
Still puzzling after all these years Since I’ve been feeling all introspective and keen to turn over a new leaf, particularly after Monday’s restaurant adventure—many, thanks, incidentally, to everyone who commented or sent email with feedback on the resulting post—I thought that I would try something a little different this morning.  It’s not so much a call… Bakerina 02/22/08 2 10/30/10
Finger pointing, eyebrows low, mouth in the shape of a letter “o”… Dear friends, the post I had planned to post yesterday is on its way, but in the meantime, I cannot help but share.  Welcome, dear friends, to Bakerina’s Cavalcade of Food Horrors: A Neverending Series. Tomorrow night I will be attending Julie’s birthday party, bringing two Trianons and a pistachio nougat-flavored… Bakerina 02/22/08 0 08/16/10
Cruel to be kind means that I love you, baby As life-changing moments go, it was pretty small.  It wasn’t quite a Gordon Ramsay moment.  It wasn’t even a Howard Beale moment.  It didn’t solve any mysteries of the universe, it is not the little acorn from which mighty oak trees grow, and odds are that I won’t live happily ever… Bakerina 02/18/08 0 09/29/09
Honey, where you been? It was at about this time last week that my mind finally snapped.  I say this knowing that my nears-and-dears, who have had the misfortune of actually keeping company with me, will chortle when they read it, because they know that a) my mind snapped long before this, and b) seems… Bakerina 02/01/08 0 08/16/10
I feel that ice is slowly melting Dear friends, I am headed down to Philadelphia for the next four days to finish my law school apps, take a knitting lesson to fix a badly-munged cable on the Dunadd wrap I started last summer, and generally hang out with Momerina for a little while.  Things have been deceptively quiet… Bakerina 01/13/08 0 07/22/10
It’s New Year’s Eve… ...which means it’s time for another cheesy Bakerina headshot: Once again, my heart is full to bursting with love, happiness, adoration and thankfulness for each and every one of you.  In a just universe, I would be singing your praises in War and Peace-sized tomes, but since I’m still finding my… Bakerina 01/01/08 0 01/07/08
Bialy Party Weekend, Part One There will be words to accompany these pictures, dear friends, just as soon as I get my blogging sea legs back.  I wonder if maybe eating a bialy will help me get my strength back.  In the meantime, I’ve made a whole photodocumentary of the process.  Look upon my works, ye… Bakerina 12/30/07 0 02/25/08
Comfort me with pears (and a whole bottle of red wine) It might be too late for this one, but when the next head cold comes, I will be ready for it. Of course, I say this based on an assumption that one can plan one’s own colds.  If that were the case, I think I could have picked a better time… Bakerina 12/22/07 0 10/28/10
What do unemployed folk do?:  A photo essay, with recipes to follow Well, this morning the unemployed folk are fighting off the nasty cold virus that everyone in New York seems to be fighting.  I’ve a feeling, though, that once I get a little mushroom barley soup, and maybe a pierogi or two, in me, I will take back a little of the… Bakerina 12/19/07 0 12/21/07
Eventually, it finds you. If it’s not a universal truth, it should be:  One who finds oneself suddenly unemployed gets at least one day (although hopefully not too many more) to sit in front of the television all day long, budging only to attend to personal hygiene and receive packages from UPS.  Yesterday was mine.… Bakerina 12/13/07 0 12/18/07
Ex-monkey Dear friends, there’s no way to say it but plainly.  This afternoon I was laid off from LuthorCorp. I can’t say that I’m entirely surprised by this, although I did think that we’d all limp along together for one more year before our entire division was shut down.  (One other person… Bakerina 12/10/07 1 05/25/10
Pie love:  The custard variations The happy surprises continue chez PTMYB.  Thanks to the sharp, clever, witty and beautiful Juno, and her swell essays on bowl food, I’ve had a mindboggling number of hits over the past two days, as well as new friends and acquaintances saying hello, looking up recipes, and just generally reminding me… Bakerina 12/09/07 0 12/28/07
Love, pure and simple. Oh, dear friends.  I have spent hours and days trying to recapture my work-fractured attention span, sit down, breathe deeply, and write with organization and care.  I have spent the better part of 90 minutes trying to write an opening sentence, something that would encapsulate, with elegance, the events of the… Bakerina 12/02/07 0 12/15/07
Shameless. There’s no other word for it, dear friends.  It takes a special kind of moxie to post a picture of your pumpkin pie, promise scintillating tales of the Thanksgiving That Was, and then bugger off for a week, only to resurface with...another picture and another promise of tales to come.  It… Bakerina 11/30/07 0 12/02/07
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