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‘mouse droppings all over the kitchen Okay, since Bakerina asked real nice.  (Or maybe she ordered me to participate, I have a selective memory about such things).'Mouse responds:Total number of books I've owned.Not too many.  Probably under 1000.  Certainly under 2000.  From second grade, when I learned to sign my name in cursive in order to get… 'mouse 05/31/05 3 06/06/05
Food / Porn First orionoir challenges us to all speak openly of sex.  Then our beautiful hostess is silly enough to wander off for a week leaving the blog keys where I can find ‘em.  When the cat’s away the ‘mouse will play his second-favorite sport – livening up the Google hits around here.… 'mouse 05/05/05 2 05/12/05
Today’s Category is:  Goes with Sourdough Quoting liberally because it says all that I could hope to say but says it so much better:      “I know that many people agree with the Christensen sisters [that ‘life, in several respects, at any rate, is much like a river’], but it has always seemed to me that… 'mouse 03/31/05 1 07/11/10
How to Cook Ellie Pant Meat… er… Elephant Meat (picture unashamedly stolen from orionoir. in blatant violation of copyright.) Hi.  Remember me?  I'm the mango-loving 'mouse who brought you such gems as my instructions for eating deer dick.  Well.  Orionoir recently discovered that Bakerina leaves the keys under the flowerpot just to the left of her door.  So while the… 'mouse 02/02/05 2 02/04/05
The Cure for What Ails You (A guest blog-entry, don’t hold Bakerina responsible for this.) A dear friend recently expressed that she needs a little attitude adjustment.  In my opinion, this is best accomplished through food.  Therefore, I prescribe the following shock treatment for your system.  It guarantees that you will not be bothered by vampires, werewolves,… 'mouse 08/13/04 2 08/15/04
This IS a Pie Blog! Just thought I’d pop in and see 1) if my guest privileges really remain, and 2) how irate the boss gets if I exercise said privileges for a little project that’s been niggling around in the back of my brain.  Probably could do part of this on Google if it hasn’t… 'mouse 08/03/04 5 08/28/06
Goodbye Sweet World (sniff) There’s a rumor about that the landlord is coming back from her summer vacation and she’s going to fumigate the place.  Bring cats.  Rid the place of the dirty ‘mouse that ran wild in her absence.  Well folks, I could run and hide.  But I’m going to stand up and take… 'mouse 07/15/04 1 07/13/10
Antidote for a Hectic Summer Workday Almonds, from Spain Angelica (root). from Saxony Lemon Peel, from Spain Coriander (seeds), from Morocco Liquorice, from China Cassia Bark, from Indo-China Juniper Berries, from Italy Cubeb Berries, From Java Orris (Iris root), from Italy Grains of Paradise, from West Africa In my humble opinion, there’s hype, and then there’s really… 'mouse 07/12/04 1 07/08/10
The Scent of Love Since sometime right after Adam and Eve, marketers have been trying to distill and bottle the scent of love.  The thing is, it can’t come from a bottle.  And it requires baking.  Okay, I admit it.  I have an unnatural relationship with the following cookies: --------------- Molasses Ginger Cookies ------------------------------ 2… 'mouse 07/10/04 2 07/11/04
Exploding Flower Dish There were 30 of us.  The year was 1987, just a year or two after the famous “opening” of China to full-scale invasion by Western students.  The night before we’d spent in primitive concrete tourist yurts in the far reaches of northeastern China.  There were those among us who would have… 'mouse 07/06/04 3 07/06/10
Strange Fruit (Let me just get the apology for the title out of the way up front) Once upon a time, a much younger, less adventuresome and painfully shy ‘mouse (one you’d hardly recognize today) set off in a pea green boat (okay it was a silver 747) from his North American homeland… 'mouse 06/30/04 1 10/25/10
A Report From MilkNEggs Hideaway (A work of collaborative fiction, bad puns and, if we’re really lucky, silly erotica.) Our heroine rolls over easy in bed and awakens on the sunny side of the room.  She gingerly stretches her leggs.  She wonders what eggactly last night’s dream of poachers means.  Is it an indication that she… 'mouse 06/25/04 0 06/26/04
Love in a Jar AKA, Apricot Jam Yep, that’s what I did Sunday.  Four batches.  The kind made from a box of apricots that’re just at the point of melting into mush in the bottom of the crate.  The kind where you smell them and you say, “ahhhh” and you breathe way out and you… 'mouse 06/21/04 1 06/22/04
Boobies I don’t blog.  Sorry.  I snark.  I use comments to spout off or communicate in lieu of email.  I hang out at Plastic though like Bakerina and orionoir I rarely bother with commenting anymore.  Every once in a while one of my friends (I have at least two, I’m sure of… 'mouse 06/18/04 1 06/18/04