March 28, 2005

Dear friends, how nice it was this afternoon to see my mood turn on a dime, for the better.  I love a nice rainy day, but even I was worn out by today's rain, a nasty cocktail of steady pounding rain, high winds and a stubborn chill in the air.  At 4 p.m. I was sitting in my cubicle, trying to ignore the smell of wet wool exuding from my coat, when my cell phone rang.  It was the lovely Moira at Who Wants Seconds?, calling to tell me that my goofy little musings on mustard and cheese had won the Comfort Me: A Cookbook Giveaway contest.  Color me stunned; I was up against stiff competition, wonderful essays by glorious writers and creative thinkers, including Julie at A Finger in Every Pie, who took second place, and Dawn at My Life With Garlic, who took third.  Congratulations to Julie and to Dawn, and kudos to everybody who shared their reminiscences in this delightful contest.  And thanks, of course, to Moira, for having the brilliant idea to do this in the first place.  To paraphrase Flannery Culp in The Basic Eight, I've said this so often that it's practically a biorhythm, but I'll say it again:  Go visit Moira, who is not only a soulful and charming writer, but a photographer whose work will take your breath away.

So, Jen, what did you win?  Funny you should ask.  smile  Moira has charmed Murdoch Books into sending me a copy of this beautiful book.  I am so excited that I could pop.

In other news, as if my head weren't swollen enough by the Comfort Me news, I have been so cheered and encouraged by all of your feedback on the Portuguese sweet bread that I'm feeling my long-dormant bread spark begin to catch.  I have a pair of sourdough starters that I cultured at the professional breadbaking classes I took in Vermont in 2002, the classes known affectionately to me as Bread Camp.  There was a time when I was feeding these starters twice a day and baking bread from them every weekend, but for the past year they have been sleeping in the back of the fridge.  I wondered if there was even a point to keeping them anymore.  Now I know.  A dear friend has asked me if I know how to make San Francisco-style sourdough bread.  It turns out that I do, and it requires both a white and a rye sourdough starter.  Yes, dear friends, there will be pictures, and words, and plenty of them.  Stay tuned.


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