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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Dear friends,

You may have noticed the relative quietude around here, save for the weekends, when I become downright chatty.  It will be over soon, but it's not over yet.   To everyone who has been so kind, charming, encouraging and just plain loving, thank you for being kind, charming, encouraging and just plain loving.  Unfortunately, this week, like the weeks before it and undoubtedly the weeks that will follow, is just eating me for breakfast.  I find myself asking, as I asked in January 2004 but for rather different reasons, how do you know when it's time to go? And what do you do when it is?

The good news is that even as I am feeling like the universe's Grape Nuts, Lloyd is as ever, as always, his winsome and wondrous self, reminding me that better things await, distracting me by ranting about the folly and shortsightedness of various elected officials and famous nincompoops, and treating me to his spur-of-the-moment songs ("You asked me what my name was/I said 'I haven't got a name'/You said, 'That's a funny name to have'/And you persisted in calling me 'I Haven't Got a Name.'"wink  Last night, on the phone with bunni, I found myself lamenting all the times in my life when I said yes when I should have said no.  By all rights, she should have gone directly to my apartment, snatched the phone from my hand and smashed it into my forehead until the key pattern was permanently debossed into said forehead, but instead she gently reminded me that there was at least one yes in my life that was a smart decision.  She's right.  Lloyd, if you are reading this, you are the best yes I've ever yessed.


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Well, yes, bunni, that’s true.  But you said it in a very nice tone of voice.  And you did say “twit”, with an i.  It really could have been much worse.

Shall I be the one to say it now?  SHUT UP AND GET ON THE CHAIR!

Bakerina on 06/29/05 at 05:21 PM  
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