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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Even with a slightly overworked, overhydrated crust; even with the discovery that I could not find my jar of pie weights and would thus have to rely on the backup pie weights (what sort of person loses an entire quart jar of metal pie weights? what sort of person keep backup pie weights, in the form of washed-and-dried cherry pits, in the event that an entire quart jar of metal pie weights goes missing?); even with a kitchen so packed to the gills with clutter that we can't eat dinner in it; even with all this, tonight my four favorite words in the English language are vanilla bean buttermilk pie.


Posted by Bakerina at 09:18 PM in incoherent ravings about food • (1) Comments

I think, since I dare not think of your pie, for fear of getting tears in my keyboard since it is, alas, 3000+ miles from where it would be in a just world, that “backup pie weights” are the three most precious words in the language this morning—because they so perfectly attach to the image of you that lives in my imagination.

(Drinking the lonliest cup of coffee that ever pined for a slice of buttermilk pie.)

mouse on 05/29/06 at 01:23 PM  
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