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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

In a better time and place—specifically, in a time when I’m not trying to slog through 30 pages of dense reading about affirmative and negative covenants—I would apologize properly for disappearing for two months, only to return with an interstitial.  No pictures, no recipes, no long-winded documentaries about the garden we’re putting in out back...just what the hell kind of foodish blog is this, anyway?  I know, dear friends, and trust me, I feel plenty sheepish about it.  All that stuff about cherry pie and Norwegian porridge feuds, they almost feel as if they were written by another person.  I’m pretty sure that they weren’t, though, and I’m even more sure that the person who did write them is around here somewhere.

In the meantime, since the negative covenants are growing restless, I can at least share a little news:

1.  Today I am a for-real-and-true Californian.  Two hours into my morning study time at the library, I realized I left a book I needed at home.  I swore gently, dropped off some of my books in my locker, and set off on the 20-minute walk home.  Since I had a little time to kill, I decided to make a cup of tea.  As I went into the bathroom to wash my hands, I heard a banging sound from the back of the house.  Holy cow, I thought, someone’s trying to break in, and I stepped out of the bathroom gingerly, just in time to feel the floor roll underneath me.  It took seven months, but I have finally lost my earthquake virginity.

2.  Today I may be a for-real-and-true Californian, but come this July, I will be Auntie Jenny in the eyes of the law, as well as in the eyes of my best friend’s kids.  The brother who used to send me smartassed letters from science camp, and who charmed an office full of publishing professionals when he was ten years old, has grown up into a responsible young man, and he and his awesome (and awesomely patient) wife are having a boy this summer.  Of course I kicked into full auntie Monty and made him this:

hurdy gurdy jacket

Baby boy, there’s more where that came from, I promise. smile

3.  To answer the unspoken question:  Oh, my god, I just want to get through this semester without flunking out of law school.

Okay, lovely ones, just for sitting through this nonsense, you deserve some pretty pictures at the very least.  smile

oranges in spring

orange blossoms

the world is just awesome

big bowl o'self-esteem (and lemons)

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