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Monday, July 26, 2004

Dear friends,

Apologies, apologies.  Tonight I had planned to share a few hundred words about my weekend pie-baking adventures, with a possible foray into something serious.  Unfortunately, I find myself being thwarted by either my ethernet cable or the port into which it goes (or both), because said cable refuses to stay connected to said port.  At one point I actually had the cable wrapped around my neck because it was the only way I could keep it in the port.

Obviously, I can’t make this a regular way of life.  (All you groundlings out there crying “Please do!  And maybe step off a bench while you’re at it!”, why, thank *you*.) So with any luck, to say nothing of an investment in an airport, I will be joining the wireless club tomorrow—or at least I hope it’s tomorrow.  Bear with me, dear friends, please.

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I love you… tomorrow… you’re always a day a way.

mouse on 07/27/04 at 02:58 PM  

Well, it took longer than we thought—four hours as opposed to just one—but wirelessness has been achieved.  And there was much rejoicing. (Yaaaay.)

Unless I pass out from sheer exhaustion at the end of my commute—and that’s a pretty serious “unless”—regular blogging fun should resume tonight.  (Yaaaay.)

Bakerina on 07/27/04 at 06:10 PM  

O ye of little faith.  Give me time, dear, give me time.  smile

Bakerina on 07/28/04 at 12:06 AM  
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