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Monday, June 28, 2004

I am the all time worst guest blogger in the entire history of the universe.

This is my first guest post.

Bakerina will be very, very disappointed in me.

I do have some good excuses.

Last week we received our entire average annual rainfall in two days.  Our septic tank was not amused.  I’ll leave it at that, except to say that living in an enormous city with city water and city sewers sounds absolutely lovely about now . . .

My dear friend, in real life as well as the blogosphere, had her second child.  Her first child is unamused, and may be spending several afternoons a week over here.

My five-year-old and I have spent entirely too much time catching toads, so he can kiss them and either hallucinate from the poison (discussion question:  Why is the Discovery Channel evil?) or turn them into princesses.  Shockingly, we may not have the right kind of toads.

The Husband has been teaching two children’s summer art classes, so The Boy and I have been driving around with his favorite old lady, who is 87.  Any trip to the hair dresser or doctor involves 43 additional stops, usually to an assortment of grocery stores, gourmet shops and farmers’ markets.

She has shared the Secret of the Universe with me:  chicken broth.

I am also radioactive.

I apologize.

Later today I will attempt to make it up, and prove that I am, after all, a worthy guest blogger.

Or at least not quite as bad as I’ve been.

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Anne, I know how you feel.  I’ve been working on Bakerina-blog-worthy post for days now but the inspiration and the time and computer never seem to coincide.

Luckily lack of ability to provide quality content hasn’t slowed me down.  Gotta keep the hits up one way or a’nuther.

mouse on 06/28/04 at 08:25 PM  
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