June 24, 2005

An open letter to the person or persons who has (or have) attempted to send me all variant forms of the W32.Mytob virus fifteen times over the past six days, under such subject heds as "Your Account Has Been Suspended for Security Reasons," "Please Take a Moment to Review Your Records" and "Your Password Has Been Successfully Changed":

Dear Intrepid Worm Farmer:

Thank you for your tireless interest in my e-mail address.  I do give you credit for both persistence and initiative.  Do you sit before the warm glowing warming glow of your monitor and think hmmm, the suspended account warning isn't working; let's try the new password notification!  How clever and resourceful of you!

If I might make a suggestion, though...If you really think I'll fall for this; if you really think that I'm not firewalled up the wazoo thanks to my internet service provider, my virus software package, the dark lords at Mister Softee and the routerrific machinations of my local IT professional (a/k/a husband); if you really think that there's a chance that all of the above will simultaneously fail and I'll still feel compelled to click on the attachment; if you would really like me to believe that you are, in fact, the customer support team from my ISP, then it would help your cause if you could get the name of that ISP right.  Here's a hint:  It's not "Nyc."


No, wait.  On second thought, I take it all back.  Please continue to send me ham-fisted, lame-ass attempts to infect my computer with a worm.  Please continue to close them with "Thank you for choosing Nyc!  Sincerely, The Nyc Support Team."  It's the best laugh I get all day.



Pointing and Laughing at Your Genitalia in Astoria, Queens, NYC, NY

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