July 27, 2005

Dear friends, it's can-shaking time at PTMYB, by which I mean I am making an appeal for charity, not shaking my round and not-insignificant cans at you.  (Although if you'd like to imagine me shaking my round and not-insignificant cans at you, who am I to stop you, really?)

Those of you who are regular visitors here may recognize the lovely and talented Professor Bunni.  Some of you may even be friends of the Professor herself.  She is my neighbor and my pal, and she wields an invisible cat-o'-nine-tails over me every time I fall into the slough of despondency, threatening to beat me about the head until I cheer up -- and cheer up I always do.  She inspires me in dozens of little ways, and now she has inspired me in a big one.

Here commenceth the can-shaking.  On Saturday, August 6, I will be participating in Blogathon 2005.  From 9 a.m. on Saturday the 6th until 9 a.m. on Sunday the 7th, I will be posting to PTMYB every 1/2 hour.  Yes, that means I will be staying up all night.  No, I can't promise that what will be posted will be coherent.  But I can promise that this will be for a good cause.  I will be raising money for Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund, which provides aid and assistance to the families of the food, beverage and hospitality workers killed in the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.  As a rule, foodservice work is not the highest-paying work in the world, and many of those workers supported families on very, very tight budgets.  The loss of these fathers, mothers, sons and daughters was not only an emotional catastrophe for their loved ones, but a financial one as well.  Windows of Hope helped provide emergency food and housing assistance to these families immediately after September 11, and continues to work to provide educational funds and health insurance for them.  This is a charity that is very, very near and dear to me, and I want to help them as well as I possibly can, even -- especially -- if that help includes quaffing Red Bull and taking plenty of cold showers.

If you are interested in making a pledge, please click here.  You will receive instructions for how to log in and pledge to the campaigns of your choice.  (If you click on the "View Campaigns" link, you will be able to access both my and Bunni's pages directly.  Bunni's is on page 2; mine is on page 7.)

If you are interested in blogging along with us, please accept my thanks and kisses!  And, uh, please click here.

If you have any ideas for what you would like to read in my 24 hours of madcap posting, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Here endeth the can-shaking.  Thank you, dear friends, for your consideration and support.

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